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Consultant Urology, Uro-Oncology Robotics & Renal Transplantation
Aster Hospital – Dubai & India.
Ex Consultant Max Hospitals, Delhi NCR
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Dr. Anurag Kumar

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Urologist & Andrologist.
Consult for any Kidney and Sexual Health Related Conditions

Your doctor- Trusted treatment

Quality Female Medical Care

Recurrent UTI, Female Urology, Prostate- TURP & Laser surgery,
Stones of Kidney, Stones of Ureter & Bladder, Mini-PCNL, RIRS,
URS, CLT, Laparoscopic, Pyeloplasty and Nephrectomy

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Trustworthy Medical Services For Males

Male Infertility, Reproductive problems, Erectile Sexual Dysfunction,
Cancer of Kidney, Bladder, Prostate & Testis, Stricture Urethra- OIU,
Urethroplasty, Kidney Transplant and AV Fistula

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About Doctor

Dr. Anurag Kumar is a renowned Urologist and Andrologist in India and Dubai. He has more than 15 years of experience in health care and has been a Consultant with leading hospitals internationally. He is a specialist in advanced endoscopic urological surgeries, laser operations, laparoscopic surgeries and kidney transplantation. He is providing quality and safe surgical care to his patients and is a strong proponent of holistic care and education of patients

Areas of interest:  Laser surgeries for Stones and prostate, Recurrent UTI, Female Urology, Male Erectile/Sexual Dysfunction

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