Treatment of Kidney Stones: Mini-PCNL, URS, RIRS, CLT

Treatment of Kidney Stones: Mini-PCNL, URS, RIRS, CLT

There has been rapid advancement in the treatment of renal stones. Small stones all they require are plenty of water to flush out the stones. Some medications may be given to help in the expulsion of urinary stones. (Medical Expulsive therapy) However if there are signs of infection, kidney damage or failure of medical expulsive therapy then Surgery is advisable

Surgery for Urinary stones has rapidly advanced. With the use of LASERS any type of stone can be quickly powdered. Stones can now be treated without and cut/incision. Using latest, state of art advance flexible ureteroscope (endoscope) we can reach the ureter and kidney through the urinary passage and even stones till 2 cm size can be powdered with HOLMIUM LASER or LITHOTRIPSY. In case of larger kidney stones a key hole surgery, PCNL is done through the back stone broken and removed. Now the keyhole or incision has further been reduced with Mini- PCNL and ultra Mini PCNL

Ureteroscopic removal of stones(URS) and Cystolithotrisy (CLT) are non-invasive methods to remove stones from Ureter and Bladder respectively

Stone disease is a major cause of Kidney damage and can lead to Kidney failure requiring life dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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