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I will recommend Dr Anurag kumar to all reader. You never find this kind of supportive soft in nature . I was suffering from urethral stricture and Dr has done surgery. Now I am feeling well.
He is the best urologist in delhi.

Vinod Verma Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

My Mom had a growth in her bladder and was recommended surgery with biopsy. We were lucky enough to have Dr Anurag Kumar. The surgery was successful and post recovery care shown by Dr Kumar was amazing.
He’s an excellent doctor who actually explained the process and helped us understand what to expect. This explanation helped when something unexpected happened during post recovery care in the hospital so we could take corrective action immediately.
He’s a very caring and knowledgeable doctor, one of the foremost urologists in India and I would recommend him to everyone.

Arts Indesign Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

He is very professional and very friendly with patients , handle all the patients very nicely
One of the best doctor, we found in the Delhi .

Dechen yangzom Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

My experience with Dr Anurag has been great. He is one of those doctors who is available for its patients at a call and understands the problem

Gian jain Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

Very competent and approachable doctor ... He has a good experience treats patients with human touch.
Warm regards
Lt Cdr Kushal

Kushal Pandey Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

Dr. Anurag is a best doctor who treated my mother. My mother was suffering from urine issues. I just found Dr. Anurag on Google where I found best review for him. But now I can say he is a best Dr. who is very calm and honest.

Monika Sharma Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

Dr. Anurag has very calm personality. The way he explains the problem and its solution gives a.lot of confidence to the patient and their family members. He tries to extend as much support as he can and gives a personal touch to all.the criticalities during the complete process. His gentle and.kind behaviour removes all.the fears which a patient may have prior to undergoing any surgery.
Thanks a lot sir.you will.always be recommended by me and my family.

Neha Wahal Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

I am greatly thankful to Dr. Anurag Kumar for curing my disease. you are an amazing doctor and a down to earth being....you understood my problem carefully and cured it.... It's like u gave me a second life.... Thankyou very much.... N most of all.... U are very helpful...even when I called u 7 in the Morning...u picked up my phone...not all doctors do that....thanku for helping me
U are like God to me 🙏🙏

Dheeraj Aggarwal Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

Dr anurag Kumar is like Angle for me He save my life He operated me in emergency on Sunday on just a single call

Puneet Garg Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

Let me summerise point wise which will help anyone for assessment .
. Kind Hearted - Tendered 25 percent discount on consultation fee in pandemic situation.
. Diagnosis - We have consulted him two e during pandemic period
a. Myself for Prostate / UTI
b. My daughter - stone in kidney
Diagnosis were perfect .
. Prescription - Minimum medicines prescribed
. Test - All essential test asked for . ( You can get from any lab as per your suitability )
. Most important
Very Honest - My daughter was admitted in MAX for surgery ( stone removal from kidney ) . She was admitted and all test were done ready for O.T. He physically examined and done another CT to confirm his diagnosis . After CT he decided to cancel surgery as stone was already gone during hospitalisation.
Now it's upto you all ( new patient ) to take your decision .
I wish him all d success in every field from inner core of my heart

Ajay Aggarwal Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

The doctor is very knowledgeable and calm. I have visited with my colleague father’s treatment. He did really a very good job not only doing by good operation but also give them mental peace to get rid of from this tension atmosphere. He is very good. More than 5 Star rating.

VIJENDRA P Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

I recently consulted Dr. Anurag for my father’s problem of prostate enlargement. I must say that he is 24×7 available for the patient, for queries…he is very knowledgeable also. When we consulted him during pandemic, my father was in severe pain. He asked for the essential tests done, explained the problem and treatment. He gives so much of confidence to the patient and family. My father had his surgery a month ago and he is completely fine and feeling no pain. All thanks to him. I strongly recommend Dr. Anurag to all the readers.

Shafali A Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

The way you treat your patient is awesome. Your friendly behavior, cheerful nature and positive approach to the patient is what we need more than the medicines. Your extraordinary efforts for being a doctor is truly remarkable. Thank you so much.

Jeevika W Dr. Anurag Kumar Clinic November 28, 2020

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