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After the first few raids, set up a home base to store items you can’t keep in your backpack. That means deciding what to take with you when you set off to kill the undead. Becoming the guest of honor at a zombie feast means losing your backpack — and everything in it — for two hours.

What is the best zombie survival game on mobile?

When playing a game like this, every decision you take matters. Whether you will cooperate or fight for domination, the choice is yours. The zombies have risen again, and you must stop them from taking over.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Shooting Offline Game

It’s to see how long you can survive before you meet your inevitable end. Dying Light emphasizes melee combat and crafted tools to take on its massive undead hordes. The Following DLC adds a gigantic map you can explore from within a brand-new dune buggy too. If you think you can handle more, then you should try Resident Evil’s HD version.

The day of Halloween is upon us and vampires have become totally lame thanks to some recent movies. An age old question has always been asked about these creatures – how do you kill what’s already dead? They’ll keep on coming even after a hailstorm of bullets has been pumped into them. And let’s face it, these creatures really aren’t the smartest of the creepy lot.

Best Tools To Create & Generate App Icons

And the game even contains a pretty solid multiplayer feature to boot. Iconic when it comes to both zombie and lightgun games, this rail-shooter from Sega has scarcely been matched in the genre despite being decades old. Originally an arcade favorite, House of the Dead made its way to consoles and, thanks to the help of its lightgun peripheral, proved just as fun as a couch co-op romp. Up to four players can take part in this amusing survival roguelike, tag-teaming various tasks and aiding each other in the process with their unique skillsets.

Is there a game where you play as a zombie?

6/6 Dying Light In Dying Light's main story mode, you play as a human who wipes out plenty of zombies. But there is an aptly titled multiplayer mode where you get to play as a member of the undead horde called Be The Zombie. In this mode, you can randomly invade other players' games as an undead monster.

This is an excellent survival game with some zombie game elements. In short, both of these games are undoubtedly two of the best zombie games for Android because of their excellent storyline with adventurous and action-packed survival gameplay. If you want to play truly serious games about zombie survival then this game series is the one you should go for. Zombie Frontier 3 is one of the most realistic & best zombies games in Android because of its realistic graphics & easy-to-handle gameplay. Unlike its predecessor Zombie Frontier 2 & 1, this game is much more optimised as well as better.

Zombie Gunship Survival is one of the newer zombie games. You sit in a helicopter and mow down zombies in order to save people. It also includes some new mechanics, You can build a base, deploy troops, and kill many more zombies than the first game. The graphics are good for what they are and the game feels unique. It’s a freemium title, but that’s really the only bad thing about it.Gunstar Heroes \u2014 StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy ...

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