Comparing whey and vegetable protein

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Comparing whey and vegetable protein

Vegetable proteins give a healthier profile, with a good vitamin and mineral composition, the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber.

Benefits of vegetable protein

Statistics confirm that people who consume more vegetable protein have advantages in the following indicators:

Also, plant-based diets have a number of positive environmental effects:

  • The production of one gram of meat requires 26 times more fossil fuels, land and water than the production of one gram of soy protein.
  • Eating more plants and fewer animals can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions (due to fewer farms) and reduce the destruction of natural animal habitats, as space is cleared for agricultural land.

What to choose?

There are supporters of both vegetable and whey protein. Both types of protein help to nourish the body and keep it working properly. Whey protein has long won the love of not only professional athletes, but also just people leading an active lifestyle. It can be found wherever possible.

Vegetable protein has not been perceived for a long time as a worthy alternative in the field of fitness and bodybuilding, however, several studies on this issue have been completed in recent years, which indicates a growing interest in switching to this type of protein.

More and more people are switching to vegetarian diets, whether for health, environmental conservation or ethics.

After learning about some of the benefits of vegetable protein, it may seem like a good idea to reduce the amount of animal protein.

The main tasks when choosing a protein:

Get your body in great shape

Maintain health

Maintain a positive protein balance

And now let’s figure out when and which protein is best to use, and what are the advantages of these or other types.

Type of protein

Best reception time

Main advantages

So, contrary to popular belief, vegetable types of protein have a full amino acid composition, as well as a number of advantages in the form of a sufficient amount of fiber and vitamins.

And if whey protein is an excellent assistant for active training and muscle building, then vegetable protein will be an excellent enrichment of the diet of absolutely any person – and not necessarily adhering to a vegetarian diet.

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