Kind Hearted Doctor

Let me summerise point wise which will help anyone for assessment .
. Kind Hearted – Tendered 25 percent discount on consultation fee in pandemic situation.
. Diagnosis – We have consulted him two e during pandemic period
a. Myself for Prostate / UTI
b. My daughter – stone in kidney
Diagnosis were perfect .
. Prescription – Minimum medicines prescribed
. Test – All essential test asked for . ( You can get from any lab as per your suitability )
. Most important
Very Honest – My daughter was admitted in MAX for surgery ( stone removal from kidney ) . She was admitted and all test were done ready for O.T. He physically examined and done another CT to confirm his diagnosis . After CT he decided to cancel surgery as stone was already gone during hospitalisation.
Now it’s upto you all ( new patient ) to take your decision .
I wish him all d success in every field from inner core of my heart